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Notification about construction projects needed

It seems that everywhere we look on campus some type of construction is being done. Currently, there is construction taking place outside of the Arts & Sciences building

as well as within The Richie Regan Recreation Center. It would be nice to inform students and equip them with information regarding what is going on.

While we applaud administrators for working hard to make Seton Hall an even more attractive place, those within the Seton Hall community should be adequately notified as well as updated regularly regarding the construction on campus.

While students have been informed about the construction within The Richie Regan Recreation Center, students have not been notified about other construction projects oncampus yet, updated about the rec center.

Being adequately notified involves more than just having an idea regarding the nature of the construction being done. It involves knowing exactly what is being fixed, modified, or torn down and knowing when the construction will be begin as well as when the construction will be completed. The notification process can be done in a variety of ways.

Not only would this enable students to feel connected - having an adequate understanding about what is happening on campus, but it would allow students to plan accordingly.

For example, if there is going to be construction by a particular dorm, students living in that dorm can plan ahead of time to go to the library or some other quiet place to do homework or study.

Commuters can also plan to leave a few minutes early, if they are notified that construction may cause some traffic delays on campus.


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