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Increased technology at SHU: Better for us?

We have smartphones for freshmen featuring customized "Freshman Expe­rience" apps, Blackboard, SHUmobile app for smartphones, upgraded laptops and even i-clickers that measure a stu­dent's participation in class ? all tech­nological advancements that Seton Hall has made recently to enhance the learn­ing experience.

However, are these advancements a blessing or a curse?

While it is interesting and even im­pressive that Seton Hall is trying hard to incorporate modern technologies into the classroom, is it important that the administration realize that they should not get ahead of themselves.

Of course, most of the student body has grown up in the age of technology but we cannot let this technology begin to interfere with the everyday learning in the classroom. Understanding how to use a specific form of technology may be easier for some students than others. The students having problems with the technology should be not have to feel different for their lack of understanding.

There is also much disparity from classroom to classroom.

While some professors take full advan­tage of the technology that Seton Hall has to offer, other professors will not let students open up their laptops during class time. The disparities need to be fixed in order for all students to have a consistent learning experience.

Technology is changing the world ? the way we think, communicate and more. We appreciate our school equipping stu­dents with these technologies, however, with enhanced technology also comes the responsible to educate students as well as create consistent learning expe­riences for all.


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