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Use your time during winter break positively

Winter break is fast approaching, bringing joy and excitement to both stu­dents and professors. After cramming for finals and participating in late night study sessions, the thought that less than two weeks are left in the semester sounds amazing.

Winter break is a time to regroup after a long and, at times, stressful semester. It is a time to catch up on lost hours of sleep, hangout with hometown friends and celebrate the holidays with family.

However, a lot of students are using the break to work. Many internships are ask­ing students to come in to train or even begin interning.

Both interning and working are impor­tant aspects in someone's life, but stu­dents must remember not to burn them­selves out. Take time for yourself and have fun away from the glowing gaslights of South Orange. Also try to do something good to help your community.

Use your time to help those that are less fortunate. There are thousands that are still affected by Hurricane Sandy, many are still without power and heat. There are also many homeless individuals that are look­ing for a place to sleep and a warm meal to eat. Use some of your time to volunteer at a soup kitchen.

Find something that you are interested in and can help make a difference at the same time. Taking one day out of your winter break to volunteer can make a huge differ­ence for those that are in need.

The old adage, there is more happiness in giving then receiving holds true.

With that said, have a safe and fabulous winter break!


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