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Final exams should be taken when scheduled

As November comes to an end and December begins, excitement and anxiety build. Not only is Christmas just 26 days away, but final exams are starting in exactly 13 days. The countdown to the conclusion of the semester has begun - study ses­sions and all-nighters will soon begin.

This year finals begin on Dec. 12 and end on Dec. 18. However, some professors are allow­ing their classes to take finals earlier than their scheduled time. Although, this can be seen as a good thing especially for the students in these classes that get to take their finals early, this is not fair to the majority of the student body who have to take finals at their scheduled times.

Many students have to change their personal schedule to accommodate finals. Some have to take a day off from their internship or work to come to school and take a test. It is not right the some students are given the opportunity to take final exams during their regularly scheduled class time and others are not. The final exam schedule that Seton Hall provided is in place for a reason, and everyone should follow the schedule.

Of course, there are certain circumstances where students should be allowed to take a final ahead of schedule; however, these exceptions should be few. Whole classes should not be able to schedule exams earlier just because the professor or the students want to begin the break earlier.

We know that when December rolls around ev­eryone wants to finish exams as soon as possible to begin winter break. We also have to remember, though, the importance in being fair. If all profes­sors scheduled their exams earlier, there would be no need for the final exam schedule.

As a student body we should not pressure our pro­fessors regarding moving the final exam earlier. if we have a legitimate excuse regarding why we need to take an exam earlier, we need to bring it up to the professor.


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