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Take precautions when celebrating Halloween

With Halloween coming next week, The Setonian staff urges all students who are looking to head off campus to enjoy the holi­day, to be smart in making decisions. You should always take the utmost precautions when leaving the gates, but this week even more should be done to protect yourself.

It is much easier to blend in or go unno­ticed walking around town in street clothes but with Halloween comes students in cos­tumes. Walking around in a costume, head­ing to wherever, draws attention. This at­tention might be wanted to impress fellow students but it can make you a bigger target.

As we all know the South Orange area is not the safest, so it is important to follow the one rule that has been drilled into our heads since we all came here as freshmen- always travel in groups. Groups are the easiest way to deter someone from approaching you on the street. In addition you must also know where you are and where you are going. Walk­ing around aimlessly just adds to your chances of something bad happening especially if you head into a less than desirable area.

There is no easier way for your night to get ruined than by having to give up your phone, keys and wallet. While you might not want to, it is always the smartest decision to hand over these possessions instead of your night getting potentially even worse. These things are al­ways replaceable.

Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays on college campuses, with everyone trying to be as creative as they can with their costume. It was easier when we were younger, going around our neighborhood asking for can­dy. However, things change, so keep it fun and be safe. You don't want to be the next Pirate Alert.


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