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Respect others' belongings and stop theft

Recently, there have been numerous reported thefts, especially in freshman dorms. Students have gotten their personal belongings stolen and there needs to be immediate action taken to curb this behavior.

As students, our first and ultimate goal is to get an education, and worrying about whether our personal items will be stolen should not be one of our top concerns. However, we do need to take proper precautions to secure our belongings.

Remember to never leave your dorm room un­locked especially when you are not in the room. Do not leave valuables out in the open and defi­nitely secure laptops, iPods, cell phones and all other electronics before walking away from them.

As a student body we also need to look out for each other. If we see suspicious behavior, we must report it immediately to the proper authori­ties. Doing so will help keep our campus a safe place for all.

We should not take the view that we would be snitching on fellow students. The most important thing is doing what is right.

Think about how you would feel if something of yours was taken or tampered with. Respecting the property of others is essential if we want to have a safe and productive school environment. We all want to feel safe at Seton Hall. When we feel safe on campus, our overall attitude improves and we are more enjoyable to be around.

If you have taken something that is not yours, do the right thing and give it back. You never know what someone had to go through to get that specific item or what it means to them. Remember that ev­eryone works hard for what they have and we have no right to take belongings away from others.

As long as we have respect each other's personal items, we can enjoy a safe and fun campus. We are a Seton Hall family and as such, we need to respect each other. Just taking a few minutes to reflect on these thoughts can change our outlook.


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