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Skateboarders take Seton Hall campus by storm

Have you notice anything new on Seton Hall's campus? There has been an influx of skateboarders riding all around campus. It seems that skate- boarding has taken on a life of its own. College students have their skateboard strapped to this hip and backpacks in tow, venturing off to classes, work and more. This new phenomena has taken over Seton Hall campus and we have to say that it is a pretty cool idea.

Many students have found it convenient and less time consuming to grab their skateboard and ride from one side of campus to the other instead of hauling their bags and walking. Skateboarding is a fun and interesting means of transportation for students.

One interesting thing about Seton Hall is that we have a lot of interesting places where skaters can ride around and do tricks. For example, by Fahy, Arts and Science and Nursing buildings, there are numerous amounts of rails and stairs in which boarders can work on their skills. It is also really cool to see the different tricks that the skaters can do while skating around on campus. It brings different individuals from the campus together to watch and enjoy them showcase their skills. Many have stop and stared in awe at the difficult tricks skaters have been able to perform. Their style is unique and at the same type stylish and bring a new, youthful dynamic to the campus.

However, we cannot ignore the potential risk. There can be incidents of pedestrian crashes and falls if skateboarders are not careful. It is of upmost importance that skaters look out for those around them. So, as long as skateboarders are careful and respectful to the people around them, they should have no problems. So keep skating and having fun.


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