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GrooveBoston limited to Seton Hall students

This year, unlike the previous year, GrooveBos­ton is limited to students. As a result, some stu­dents have expressed their discontent with the University's decision

Last year, Community Development allowed non-SHU students to attend the event for five dollars and Seton Hall students to attend the event for free. This year, students have to pay a five dollar fee and outsiders will not be able to attend.

Although we understand the importance of keeping students safe and being careful about who attends school-sponsored events, allowing outsiders to attend GrooveBoston adds a dif­ferent dynamic to the event. Students are able to have fun and catch up with friends that go to surrounding schools. Students can also meet differ­ent people that they would not necessarily meet in everyday life.

If every student attending is allowed one non-student guest, there will not be an enormous amount of outsiders and the party can still remain under control.

Last year, guest was allowed and there were no major problems as a result. Both Seton Hall stu­dents and non-SHU students enjoyed their time at GrooveBoston and they should have the same op­portunity to have fun this year.

Even though we would like to have outsiders, as it stands now, Seton Hall does not seem to be chang­ing its view. So as a student body, we should make the best of it and try to enjoy our time at the event.


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