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A student urges, stop worrying over the uncontrollable

Do not stress over things you cannot control.

This may seem like an obvious statement, however, most times when I hear other students complaining about their lives, most of the time it is over something they cannot control. I have heard it all: housing policies, cafeteria food, coursework, the Catholic ideals, the school teaches and more.

The policies of the Department of Housing and Residence Life are sometimes seen as an incon- venience; however, what some people do not understand is that they are all in effect to ensure the safety of all residents. Every policy has its reason. There is no reason to stress out about any of them. If you take the time to think about it, they are all practical.

The most annoying thing I always hear people complain about is how bad the food is. It really is not that bad. If you eat the same food over and over it becomes bland and boring, but that is obvious. The amount of food GDS has to prepare for the student body is overwhelming, so the prepared food is mass cooked. If you take the time to relax and actually make your own food, it can actually be really good.

Another thing students love to complain about is their course- work. You are in college; expect lots of papers, reading and home- work. This is not high school. You picked your major and as a result, you have to do the work. All coursework should be outlined in the syllabus, which you get the first day of class. There is no reason to complain about a 10-page paper you have to write one night, when you had a several weeks to complete it.

The biggest complaint is about the Catholic Mission, and how students are required to read about Catholic teachings in their Core classes. "Why do we have to learn about this stuff," many students say. We all need to remember that Seton Hall University is a Catholic institution.

Basically, do not sweat things out of your control. It is not healthy. If you stop, all worries will go away and life will be simpler.

T.J. Brennan is a junior journal- ism major from Long Island, NY. He can be reached at Thomas.Brennan@student.


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