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How my safety school changed my life

I have to admit, Se­ton Hall was not my first choice. In fact, it was my safety school, and last on the list of schools I ever wanted to attend. I'm not sure why I drastically changed my mind to en­roll, but I'm glad I did.

The people I have to thank the most are my parents, who have sacrificed everything to put me through school. When our house foreclosed after my senior year of high school, it seemed nearly im­possible for me to attend college, let alone a university. However, my parents wanted what was best for me and found a way for me to attend Seton Hall.

Over the next three years, my dad worked overtime at his job and worked at multiple side jobs so I could stay in school. My mom, who also worked long hours, al­ways found a way to take care of me. We don't always see eye-to-eye, but I am extremely lucky to call them my parents. I could never thank them enough for all they've done for me, not only these past four years, but throughout my life.

At Seton Hall I have met friends who have and always will have my back, no matter what happens. They have always been there for me through it all-pulling all night­ers in Walsh, holding my hair back after a rough night, encouraging me through projects, and being a shoulder to cry on after a breakup. College would have never been the same without any of you.

Ever since freshman year, The Setonian has been a big part of my life. I am grateful for all the past editors who helped me through my as­signments, especially Kevin Stevens who encouraged me to go out for the E-board, as well as the current editors I work with. Wednesday nights will never be the same again. I will miss working on making the Pirate Life section "cute" with Erin Bell and Alyana Alfaro, and going on breaks with Kristyn Lyncheski, but I'm glad I had the chance to.

Thank you to everyone I've met at Seton Hall, who has helped me get to this point, as well as all the friends I've made for making this the best four years of my life.

Patrice Kubik is a senior journal­ism major from Sterling, N.J. She can be reached at


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