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Hazard Zet Forward: Time to face the unknown

It's that time of year, when everyone finds themselves looking back. Seniors, in particular, are probably look­ing back on the past four (or more) years and wondering where the time went. Four years ago, I was a shy, im­pressionable freshman who didn't drink coffee or even know who Lady Gaga was. (I know - Gaga has been on the mainstream music scene for less than four years. Don't you feel old now?)

Where were you four years ago and how have you changed? Hopefully you've changed for the better. I know I have, and that's in large part to my time working with The Setonian.

Students and faculty might pick up The Setonian every week and see headlines and news stories, but when I pick up the paper on Thursday mornings for distribu­tion, I see the writers, editors, photographers and artists who put in hours of work the night before to ensure that each edition is per­fect. I look at The Setonian and see Alyana Alfaro, who has been my collaborator and my partner-in-crime this past year as assistant pirate life editor. Pirate Life would not have been half as cute, nor would it ever have had headlines, if not for her. But more than that, I wouldn't have been able to learn from her as I do every week that I work with her. I look at The Se­tonian and see Patrice Kubik, copy editor for Pirate Life, and the tire­less work she puts in rearranging sentences and word counts until everything is perfect. I look at The Setonian's awesome spreads and see Caitlin Cunningham, designer extraordinaire, and all the great and beautiful things she'll put in the world with her talents. I look at The Setonian and see the enthusiastic efforts of my fellow editors and the creativity of our staff writ­ers.

So here I am, in the last column I will ever write for The Setonian, and I'm looking back on what we've done. That's fine; after all, looking back is important. But so is looking forward. I look forward to my completely unknown future, knowing that whatever it is I'm meant to do, I can face it prepared by my time at Seton Hall, and my experiences with The Setonian.

Well, prepared for almost all of it. Try as I might, I never did learn time management, as they prom­ised I would in college. Oh well. Viva la procrastination! Good luck seniors! Hazard Zet Forward, and remember to look forward.

Peace out.

Erin Bell is a senior journalism major from Burlington, NJ. She can be reached at


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