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Is going smoke-free the way to be?

As the Student Government Association is weigh­ing the possibility of a campus-wide anti-smoking initiative, it can be expected that there will be vary­ing opinions on the subject. However, this is not an issue of rights or privileges. It is, rather, an issue of public versus private property and the jurisdiction of the University.

As members of the Seton Hall community, we should be able to exercise our own freedom to smoke if we choose. However, the University is pri­vate property and is, therefore, subject to its own rules and regulations. Outside of campus, some rules are different.

It is unfortunate, because everyone should have the freedom to smoke if they choose, but if the Uni­versity wishes to prohibit smoking on any on-cam­pus property, it certainly has the power and right to do so. Yes, members of the Seton Hall community should be able to smoke on campus if they wish, but they must remember that they are on private property, and there are often rules that accompany that.

While The Setonian would encourage enforcing stricter smoking restrictions, including designated smoking areas and trash receptacles to prevent unnecessary littering, it also respects the Univer­sity's decisions when it comes to making campus a cleaner, healthier environment. The Setonian acknowledges that Seton Hall needs to take addi­tional steps in order to ensure the highest levels of health and wellness, for both the campus and com­munity alike.

The possibility of a campus-wide ban is alive and well. It might seem unfair to some, but the fact remains that it is within the rights of the University to act as it deems acceptable and necessary.


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