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There's no excuse for rowdy fandom

In the Pirates' win over Georgetown on Tuesday night, there were several instances where excitement and school pride approached the realm of rowdy and disorderly. In fact, much of what happened can be classified as disrespectful.

During the national anthem, it was reported that one fan screamed profanity at the visiting team. While heckling has become a staple of fandom at sporting events, the few moments before tip-off where Americans salute the flag should be solemn and respectful. The Setonian believes that, under no circumstances whatsoever, should the national anthem be sullied by profanity and poor sportsmanship.

Attendees of the game also reported, aside from the profanity-laced outburst, that a member of the Seton Hall crowd attempted to throw something onto the court during gameplay. This kind of rowdy, tasteless behavior reflects poorly, not only on those in attendance, but on Seton Hall as a whole, and should not be encouraged or practiced by any in attendance.

The most infamous event of the SHU-Georgetown showdown was the attempt by several students to storm the court after the Pirate victory. While The Setonian believes that students should be able to storm the court in a situation that deserves it, Seton Hall has already defeated a top 10 team this season, and notched its 19th victory against Georgetown. The Setonian, therefore, fails to understand the choice to storm the court, and strongly disagrees with the conduct by students. There's no excuse for rowdiness of this kind. While we might not like the rules, as students and fans, it is our job to respect and obey them, especially for the sake of sportsmanship.


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