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Prank or not, return the stork!

As reported on the front page this week, the Theater Council's prop for promoting the musical "Baby" was stolen from the front lawn of Fahy Hall last week. This kind of immature, deviant behavior is precisely the kind that not only reflects poorly on the student body, but on the University as well.

It is the assumption that the sign was stolen by students as a practical joke. While that can't be confirmed at this point in time by University officials or authorities, the mere assumption places a black mark on the community's integrity.

While it is only a sign, it was paid for by the University, which will now have to bear the financial burden of delinquency and tasteless humor. The fact that the University is willing to dismiss any judgment for the safe return of the stork should be incentive enough to do the right thing and return the sign to its rightful place.

The Setonian strongly encourages those responsible for the theft of the stork to come forward and return the sign to the Theater Council. With a fee exceeding $400, the situation has transcended being classified as a humorous, juvenile prank.

While The Setonian understands that those involved, and quite possibly the student body, may feel that the situation is not serious, we believe that members of this community should be able to feel safe and secure when using methods of advertising, or when decorating the campus for some event.

The fact of the matter is that people paid money for this sign. Yes, pranks are funny, but not when there are financial ramifications for those completely undeserving of them. Prank or not, The Setonian encourages the safe return of the stork.


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