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Let the countdown begin: Pushing through the last 95

Ninety-five...that seems like a lot. But, my fellow graduating seniors, that is all we have left, 95 days. Over the past month of our last semester, I have felt rather dissimilar in comparison to my classmates. Most of them are either dreading graduation, or they are so extremely anxious they are about to jump out of their skin.

Now don't get me wrong, there are many things about college that I know I will fondly remember and miss. I will miss the wonderful people who inhabit my life with love, laughter and annoyance at times but whom I am lucky enough to call my friends. All of the opportunities that I have been given since I have been here: interning with the athletics department, becoming a brother of Alpha Phi Omega, being a part-time graphic designer at SOPAC, and of course the unforgettable Wednesday Setonian production nights as the graphic design editor, have changed me forever.

With that being said, these next 95 days cannot pass by quickly enough. The closer it gets, the more excitement grows in me. I came into college knowing exactly what I wanted to do; now I just want to go and do it. I want to go to work, get paid and do what I love. I want to have a normal schedule where I don't leave my apartment every day at 9:30 a.m. and maybe get back at 11 p.m. on a good night. I want to have time to go the gym, see my friends on a regular basis and have that thing that I've heard people have called a life (I still need to find out what that actually is).

With these last college days making their way from before us to behind us I cannot wait for fun and memories that will be made over the next few months before I bid adieu to the place I have called home for the past four years. But with that being said, May 21st, 2012….I can't wait to meet you.

Caitlin Cunningham is a senior graphic design & advertising major from Dayton, Maine. She can be reached at


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