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As Super Sunday looms, time to make best of Jets fan's worse nightmare

As we all know, the New York Giants will play the New England Patriots this Sunday in the Super Bowl, a rematch of what experts consider one of the greatest Super Bowl upsets in history. I am torn as to who to root for in the game because I am a New York Jets fan - a huge one at that. Basically, for Jet Nation, it's pick your poison — in-state foe or hated divisional rival.

I remember back in 2008 cheering for the Giants in Super Bowl XLII, hoping they would somehow find a way to win against the 18-0 Patriots. I was in absolute awe when quarterback Eli Manning escaped three Patriot attempts at a sack and completed a pass downfield to receiver David Tyree, who used his helmet to gain possession of the ball (if you haven't seen this catch, check it out on YouTube - it's insane). I also remember running around my house screaming after Plaxico Burress' touchdown catch with 38 seconds remaining, nipping the Patriots' hope of an undefeated season in the bud.

Is this time different? Absolutely. I will say this once, and only once. I will be rooting for the New England Patriots.

The main reason why can be simply put in two words: Giants fans.

Now, I know not all Giants fans are obnoxious and arrogant, but most of the ones that I have come across are. When the Giants beat the Jets in Week 16, I instantly received numerous text messages saying how bad the Jets are, how good the Giants are, etc. Whenever I argued with my friends that the Jets are a good team, all I hear about is how the Giants won in 2008. The fans absolutely ruin the team for me (that's true for Yankees fans, too) but that's a whole different story).

As a Jets fan, I can't have that. I cannot see an in-state rival with cocky fans win another Super Bowl. I would never hear the end of it. As much as I would like to see Tom Brady lose another Super Bowl, I would rather have a divisional foe, with fans not in my immediate area, have the chance to celebrate. I'll admit I sound like a bitter Jets fan, because I am.

An additional reason is that, despite how much I despise Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and just the sight of the Patriots logo, I respect them because they answer the call. Last season when the Jets and Patriots played after New York won 28-14 in Week 2, what happened? That's right, the Monday Night Massacre. The Patriots pummeled the Jets 45-3 in Foxborough. It still hurts when people mention that game, but who did I hear most of the trash talk from? Not my best friend, who is a Patriots fan. I caught the most flak from Giants fans.

The last and final reason is that I picked the Patriots to win the Super Bowl in July, after learning that Robert Kaft's wife, Myra, had passed away. I knew that would fire the team up even more than being knocked out by the Jets in the AFC Divisional round last year 28-21 .

It's basically a lose-lose situation for us Jets fans, but, after all this time, that's something we're all used to.

Thomas Brennan is a sophomore journalism major from Floral Park, N.Y. He can be reached at

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