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Esteban and Torpey joining forces will benefit SHU

It's no secret that safety has been a major concern for students and faculty of Seton Hall in recent years.

Thankfully, due to initiatives by our Department of Public Safety and others in the administration, the incidents of crimes against Seton Hall students has decreased, lifting the general mood at Seton Hall.

That said, it is important that the progress made is maintained. The monthly meetings of President Gabriel Esteban and South Orange President Alex Torpey are definitely encouraging. It is great to see that Seton Hall and South Orange are working together closely to come up with a master safety plan. The many upperclassmen who have moved off campus to South Orange apartments will undoubtedly be relieved that their safety concerns are as much a priority as those of their on-campus counterparts.

South Orange – Seton Hall relations have not always been easy. As much as the cooperation by our highest officials is a great start, students and South Orange residents alike need to make the effort to support and welcome each other. Students are regular customers, and oftentimes employees at South Orange restaurants, shops and other businesses. Any plan for economic development in South Orange would be beneficial to all residents, students or otherwise. Esteban's comment about our intertwined destinies is apt, and greater coordination will definitely serve our mutual interests. Part of Seton Hall's marketability comes from its location, so further developing the Village will benefit the University as a whole.

The Setonian applauds the efforts of Esteban and Torpey to work toward a more integrated and harmonious community partnership. It is this kind of collaboration that will make students feel safe and welcome beyond our gates.


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