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Fall TV: 'Supernatural'

Since its debut on the CW Network in 2005, the popular TV show "Supernatural" has taken fans on a wild ride through Heaven, Hell and the highways of modern America. Following the story of the brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, "Supernatural" chronicles their efforts to hunt and kill creatures not of this world. While earlier seasons have focused on more traditional monsters like vampires, ghosts, and werewolves, the later seasons have shifted to the realm of angels and demons. The premiere of season seven will continue the Winchester's struggle to battle not only the forces of Hell, but Heaven as well.

The finale of season six saw a great number of changes for the Winchesters in relation to their friends, enemies and the fate of the world. After being swindled into a deal for access to the souls of Purgatory, the Winchester's angelic al Castiel forms an unlikely alliance with the Demon-King of Hell, Crowley. Season seven will explain the aftermath just how corrupt Castiel has become after taking all of the souls of Purgatory for himself. Also, after his recent revelation of being dead for a year, viewers will finally know if Sam will survive from the torture his soul endured in Hell. .

While season seven will offer many answers, it will also ask the biggest question of all: what else could the Winchesters possibly face that is bigger than Heaven or Hell?

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