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"Colombiana" is a satisfying end to summer

The concept of an "Army of One" is used time and time again in the action film genre and has had a very successful run with characters like John Rambo, the Terminator, or John McClane. While examples like these immediately come to mind, there are very few heroines that stack up in terms of style and toughness. Fortunately, the recent release of "Colombiana" has given critics and theatergoers everywhere a powerful example of a one-woman army. Since its premier on August 26, this film has made a respectable $30 million and had stayed within the top three movies at the box office.

Set in present day, "Colombiana" tells the story of Cataleya, a young Columbian woman who seeks revenge for the murder of her parents when she was a child. This motivation combined with the teachings from her criminal uncle shapes this young girl into a brilliant and elusive assassin who is both sexy in appearance and deadly in her execution. Unlike some of her fellow action icons, Cataleya is not completely devoid of emotion and struggles to balance her profession and some semblance of a normal life with the ones she loves.

Before the movie starts, viewers can tell from the credits alone that this film is worth watching. Zoe Saldana plays the title character and has brought the same attitude and vigor that has made her so popular in many of her recent films like "Star Trek" and "Avatar."

While some may not pay attention to movie producers, it is worth taking note that Luc Besson was involved in this film because of his long history of producing successful movies like "The Fifth Element," "The Transporter," and most recently, "Taken."

While the story is intriguing, there is very little motivation to think in depth or look for any continuity errors. To put it simply, this film is a good and simple ending to a great memorable summer of blockbusters.

Chris' rating: In terms of overall quality, "Colombiana" would be given a 3 out of 5 star rating.

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