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The Dish: Fighting the Flu

It is that time of year again. No, not time to play Christmas songs nonstop in the library. It is that time where you go to sleep at 3 a.m. because you were finishing a project and wake up at 5 a.m. just to study for exam.

What is even more fun than waking up at 5 study is when you have chills, a headache and a major fever. In other words, one of your friends (or enemies) has given you the flu as an early Christmas present.

Although sleep is a great way to fight the flu, it is just not practical for most people at Seton Hall. And let's not get started talking about those wonderful things called influenza shots that everyone refuses to get for the winter months. Just try to eat these simple foods in order to combat the flu this season:

1. Apples – Maybe an apple a day does keep the doctor away! The most popular source of antioxidants in our diet, one apple has an antioxidant effect equivalent to 1,500 mg of vitamin C.

2. Papayas - With 250 percent of the recommended dietary allowance of vitamin C, a papaya can help kick a cold right out of your system.

3. Bananas - One of the top food sources of vitamin B6, bananas help reduce fatigue, depression, stress, and insomnia.

4. Ginger – Contains a dozen antiviral compounds. Ginger is a pain reliever, an antiseptic and an antioxidant.

5. Garlic – Full of anti-bacterial properties that help the immune system to fight infection, it is an excellent boost to the immune system.

And finally it must be noted that the flu cannot be fought with any antibacterial drugs. The flu is a virus that has different strains and antibacterial drugs only combat bacteria. Also, antibacterial hand wash does not help kill any viruses, so even if you try swimming in a bath of Purel to rid yourself of viruses, it will not help. Just try to not share any food or drinks with friends, exercise and eat right!

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