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Online summer classes offer convenience

Summer classes have a new format this year including a May intersession, which takes place from May 18 to June 7; summer session 1, which takes place June 9- June 28; and summer session 2 takes place July 6 to August 9. However, students now have the opportunity to enroll in a summer online course instead.

Junior Laura Jones took part in an online American History II class last summer because she found it convenient and she felt she had more time to complete the assignments.

"I really liked it because we had work due throughout the week and it was like you had a set amount of work you could do," Jones said.
Other students find online summer courses more convenient because they don't have to come to campus to take the class.

Senior Breelyn McDowell decided to take the online course because she lives further away from Seton Hall and thought it would be easier to complete the course online.

"I didn't need another (online summer course) but it was better than driving to campus, that's the reason why I took it," McDowell said. "I found that there was a lot of work and it was very time consuming. With an online class you need to teach yourself everything because there's no one telling you besides the syllabus, what to do."

According to senior Pedro Repollet, who also took the American History II online course, the students were required to read a full chapter and post their response on discussion board every day.

"Every day we were to post information on blackboard, on discussion board, answer questions related to the material read at home," Repollet said. "Also we were to look at the posting from the other students, and comment on them. We had to read a full chapter, per day, as it was Monday through Fri daycourse."

Repollet highly reccomends students to take online courses.

"You don't have to study for any other classes but this one, and is much easier to concentrate and get an A and, most important you will learn so much. You'll have more time to yourself," Repollet said.

Jones said she worked nine hours a day everyday over the summer and still found time easily in her schedule to complete the course load.

"I worked at 8 in the morning and I didn't get home until 5 or 6 at night, Jones said. "I still had time to read the sections and do the work. It was nice that if I didn't understand something and the questions were on the tests, I had my book so I could use them."

Repollet said the online class was a good experience and that he would rather take an online course instead of a traditional class.

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"I felt that I learned more than a regular class." Repollet said. "We had to read more frequently, everyday, and therefore it stays fresh in your mind, and very useful to answer the questions related. The time seems as it went faster, and yet I feel that so much was cover and remained with me."

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