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True value of the Hall evident four years later

As I start my senior year, I am bombarded with class work, responsibility, and the looming thought of graduating in a mere eight months during the recession.

Sometimes I question why I came to a university that costs so much, especially after finalizing my latest loan, when I know I will be left with thousands of dollars in debt upon graduation during a time when it seems as if none of my graduated friends are finding jobs.

Yet, on my first day of classes I was suddenly reminded why it is worth attending Seton Hall. First, the level of academia is exceptional.

Four out of five of my professors have careers in their professions outside of the classroom. Two have experience in the journalism industry and both work at local newspapers in New Jersey, one of whom has been instrumental in training me to get to the position I am at The Setonian.

Another works at his own law firm in New York City and has worked on high-profile cases involving Leonardo Dicaprio, Quentin Tarrintino and successfully represented the Estate of Nicole Brown Simpson in the civil suit against O.J. Simpson. Furthermore, he is a regular legal commentator on Fox, CNN, NBC and CBS.

Last, my academic advisor and professor has years of experience in the public relations field and owns a firm. She always uses real-life examples of her past and current clients to help us better understand public relations. Her enthusiasm for the field has only increased my excitement for my major and her guidance has been extremely helpful.

The more I talk to friends from home, the more I realize that they do not receive the same classroom experience. These are professors who are not teaching from textbooks, but from their own perspectives and experiences. In all, I can honestly say I no longer dread going to class "because it's boring," because it is not. I have now reached the understanding that I am not only learning from the best, but learning hands-on so I am better prepared for the real world.

Additionally, the proximity to New York City offers an endless amount of opportunities for internships. The competition of finding a hands-on internship is high, yet I found that companies called me back quickly and were impressed with the knowledge I had in my major as well as the newspaper clips I provided them. I realized that the Seton Hall name and experience will get me far.

So, I am proud to say I am a Seton Hall student. Bash and hate on school all you want, but ultimately we all chose Seton Hall because we saw an opportunity for ourselves to exceed in one way or another. Luckily, we have many professors who are equally excited to help us in our endeavors. We must remember that you can only get what you put into your education.

Although I haven't checked my favorite celebrity gossip site in days and I'm the only one in my house not glued to the TV in anticipation of the latest 90210 episode, I know that my hectic schedule and never-ending list of things to do will get me far.

Meghan St. John is a senior public relations major from Woodbury, Conn. She can be reached at

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