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An A-list of SHU memories

There are many things I have learned during my time here at Seton Hall University. I could fill more than this space discussing my high and low points in college or complaining about the lack of interest in certain activities or the need for a greater sense of tradition at Seton Hall.

Instead, here are a few little pieces of wisdom that I have learned along the way that I believe to be important to share with those who still have a few years ahead of them. Consider it a new sense of tradition, a way to pass down my memories but also to help others from making or witnessing similar mistakes and misjudgments. Through both personal experience and observation of others at Seton Hall, I can honestly say that I have learned a few things that would be pertinent for any college student.

- Best fight for the freshman 15: DO NOT take the all you can eat buffet literally, or attempt to take it home with you.

- If you are sick, it is important to go to the hospital. If you go because you got wasted, well, you just became "That Guy."

- Don't anger Msgr. Sheeran, or you may have a tree moved in front of your dorm room.

-Duct tape has many, many uses.

-Saran wrapping someone to a bed is, apparently, a fire hazard.

-As much as it makes you sweat, drumming in Rock Band doesn't count as exercise. There's a reason it's not in the gym.

-Desk assistants can hear you talk. So if it's something personal, please go talk on your phone outside.

-A children's pool-sized margarita plus newsprint to catch spills equals tough times removing stains from tile (trust me).

-When commuting, it is 100 percent okay to take a nap in your car.

-People will notice your toilet-bowl shaped bruise tomorrow; it's worthless to try and hide it.

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- Seton Hall may look like a huge commuter school, but wait until 2 p.m. when everyone wakes up and then take a second look.

- Make decisions wisely – good judgment is usually something you wouldn't laugh at on

- Just because you have a dorm room and a laptop doesn't mean you have to become immobile. This tends to make people worried, and you run the risk of developing a cesspool, so to speak.

- This isn't high school, although some of the jokes are as equally inappropriate now as they were then.

- Do all that you can to not become the campus creeper, unless you can make yourself infamous.

As odd as those may sound, no one can say these aren't life lessons that some experience in college. These are supposedly the best years of your life, and as someone about to exit that stage I implore you to take it seriously but be able to look back and laugh at yourself, because we all screw up sometimes. It is important to embrace who you are and what you want to be and allow that to grow with you through both accomplishments and mistakes.

Jen Corona is a senior biology major from Whippany. She is the Photo Editor and a two-year member of The Setonian. She can be reached at


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