SHU students are thankful despite many struggles of 2020

Seton Hall students have had to cope with the stress of a global pandemic, instances of racial injustice and the presidential election this year. As Thanksgiving approaches, students reflected on what they are thankful for during these uncertain and difficult times.

The gift of education

Madelyn Woodson, a junior public relations and journalism major, said this year has been filled with a lot of bumps and bruises, and the hardest part is still being able to find the normal within all the strange. 

Despite the downsides of 2020, Woodson expressed how thankful she was to be able to continue her education.

“I think that the highlight of the year would be going back to school and [learning] without sacrificing my education,” Woodson said. “I am grateful that my friends and family are able to be safe, and I am thankful for the direction our country is going.” 

Woodson added that even though this year did not turn out the way she expected, it taught her a lot of good life lessons.

Keep your friends close

Some students noted that because 2020 has been such a stressful year for many, it has made them better appreciate the people in their lives. Chloe Nimmer, a sophomore art, design and interactive multimedia major, reflected on her appreciation for her friends.

“It’s definitely been worse than good for the most part, but I’m glad to have kept the friends that care about me and build a support system during these times,” Nimmer said.

PHOTO CAPTION HERE: Seton Hall students reflect on the good aspects of 2020 despite the stresses they have gone through.

The importance of “Black Lives Matter”

As a result of the instances of police brutality and racial injustice occurring throughout the country, the U.S. has seen a resurgence in the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, especially in major cities.

“With people staying inside all the time, it has given them a lot of time to think, and I think that is only going to help movements such as BLM,” Woodson said. 

Woodson added that she thinks the Black Lives Matter movement is “super important,” and with Joe Biden becoming president, the movement has a lot of potential.

An unforgettable election 

James Podlaski, a junior business major, said the presidential election stood out to him this year. 

“The highlight of the year I feel was Joe Biden becoming president-elect and Kamala Harris as vice president,” Podlaski said. 

Podlaski added that a positive aspect of Biden being president-elect is that the U.S. also elected Harris, who is the first Black and South Asian woman to become vice president.

“I think this is a monumental moment, not only for women everywhere, but for women and men of color,” Podlaski said. 

Podlaski said he thinks everyone has been really concerned with the pandemic so far and feels that the nation has elected a president who not only believes in science but will also put together a task force that will end the national crisis.

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