Jeff Ngandu commits to Seton Hall

Orangeville Prep’s (Canada) Jeff Ngandu became the third member of Seton Hall’s 2020 recruiting class Friday night after announcing his commitment to the Pirates via his social media platforms.

Photo via North Pole Hoops

Here’s the basics on Seton Hall’s newest commit:

  • Name: Jeff Ngandu
  • Position: Center
  • Height, Weight: 6-foot-9, 220 pounds
  • Hometown: Mono, Ontario, Canada


Ngandu committed to Seton Hall over Big East rivals Georgetown as well as Arizona State, the University of Cincinnati, Kansas State, Louisiana State University, North Carolina State, Oklahoma University, Western Kentucky and West Virginia.

Scouting Report

Having a big man under 7-foot might come as a shock to Seton Hall fans after a year with Ike Obiagu and Romaro Gill playing center, but Ngandu can still deliver in the paint. He looks more comfortable on the ball than Obiagu did last season, and that can provide Seton Hall with another reliable presence down low in attack.

His decision making and spatial awareness show promise to be a decent creative force to work off as well. Ngandu is quick to identify pick and rolls, so I imagine the Pirates will become much more efficient at playing with the ball closer to net with their new big man on the court.

Ngandu is undoubtedly more athletic than Obiagu as well. He moves in traffic with more ease and looks confident claiming rebounds and going up for a basket from low. He has the potential to be a solid rim-running, shot-blocking center for the Pirates and can eclipse Obiagu by his sophomore year.

College Projection

That being said, Ngandu still needs to earn his spot on the team. I think he will see a lot more time on the court as Obiagu’s understudy than Obiagu did last year as Gill’s understudy. His raw talent on the ball needs reps against the Big East’s best competition and throwing him to wolves in certain situations might prove to be beneficial to his growth in the long run.

Obiagu’s fundamentals do not look like they will improve much more between next season and his senior year, so I envision Ngandu taking the starting spot if he has a promising freshman season. He can be a pivotal focal point for a versatile Pirates team that could Jared Rhoden, Tyrese Samuel and Takal Molson leading the lines at the start of the 2021-22 season.

Author: Justin Sousa

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  1. Hi…As a long time Pirates fan, ‘m finding it a bit disappointing that they missed on many recruits that they were targeting this year, most recently Sanogo to a Big East rival,(the hated Uconn Huskies), and before that Zion Harmon, both of whom were four star recruits that would have been able to contribute right away. I know that the Hall has had success developing players over time, but you just can’t make a living at the level Seton Hall hopes to play at in the Big East by consistently missing out on targets and ending up with your third, fourth or fifth choice. I find it a bit disappointing given the success, both on and off the court, that the program has had over the past 5 years. I mean, the Pirates seemed like they had the inside track on Adama Sanogo, they had a need for a front court player and he could have helped them right away. Uconn’s front court is already loaded and somehow they snap their fingers and Sanogo changes his mind and decides to attend Uconn, alledgedly because he felt he could get to the NBA more quickly from Uconn than Seton hall. I don’t really understand that logic, and Uconn has a long history as a corrupt program who’s boosters will stop at nothing to get the recruits that they want, but it’s hard to envision Seton hall’s ongoing success as they continue to miss of recruiting targets who are not 2-3 years away from being able to help the program,(if they are EVER able to help)…Ughhh…..

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