Pop out with these cool, winter fashion trends

As the temperature gets colder, people are upgrading their wardrobes for warmer clothes. Students shared their favorite items for the winter and what is trending.

Donna Goicoechea, a sophomore economics and finance major, said that Fila and Champion sweatshirts are her favorite to wear.

“I went to the city the other day and I have been seeing a lot of Fila and Champion sweaters,” she said. “The sweater I have is my dad’s sweatshirt. It’s the vintage and old beat-up vibe I like. I would usually wear it with long jeans or leggings. I have cargo pants, maybe some joggers too.”

Goicoechea shared other trends she noticed this winter. She found on the internet that people are wearing “a lot of sweatshirts and sweatpants with floral patterns” and Billie Eilish chains. Goicoechea noticed a lot of trends circling around campus.

“I noticed a lot of Adidas attire around campus,” she said. “I definitely have seen Sherpa and puffer jackets. Even though it’s wintertime, I have seen girls wearing cropped sweaters and sweatshirts.”

Ruth Kang, a senior social and behavioral sciences major, said that long puffer jackets and trench coats are her favorites to wear during the wintertime.

Alexa Coughlin/Staff Writer
Many different styles of coats are in fashion this winter.

“I got one for myself because it is very cozy and keeps my legs warm as well,” she said. “It almost feels as if I wrapped a blanket over me. Any outfit goes with trench and puffer jackets. It pretty much goes with anything and it keeps you warm. It also gives an effortless professional look.”

She added that faux fur is trending during this winter. “Not only does it keep you warm, but it also looks very fashionable and cute,” she said.

Kang included houndstooth as one of the most popular patterns for this winter. “You can spot this pattern for jackets, pants, blouses, blazers and so on,” she said. “It adds a chic and professional touch to any outfit.”

She said that she has seen a lot of individuals wearing oversized sweaters and flannels on the internet.

“It looks very flattering while also keeping you very warm,” Kang said. “I hope to get a few pairs for myself.”

D.J. Farrelly, a senior business management major, said that he feels lost if he does not have a pair of leather gloves.

“Not only do they work for both dress and casual, but their makeup allows me to do minor electrical work with them in a pinch,” he said. “All around, my gloves are the most useful.”

Farrelly shared how he was surprised that the sports coats and blazers came back.

“‘Connecticut casual’ is the term where many are wearing a blazer, half-zip fleece and a shirt and tie, and it works,” he said. “Outside of that, leather and puff jackets are reigning supreme over pea coats, which I saw plenty over the last year.”

Farrelly thought that students should carry what they need and want. He believes that “everyday carry (EDC) is a new carrying trend that’s been around for the past few years.”

“EDC enthusiasts believe that carrying around a ‘tool kit’ is the best way to brave the streets,” he added. “For example, my EDC ‘toolkit’ that I carry around every day is a pen, pocket pad, smartwatch, headphones, rosary beads, lighter, phone, a pair of gloves and a flashlight.”

“My usual repertoire consists of a brown leather jacket, jeans, Adidas x Arizona sneakers and a black shirt. It’s stylish and efficient. It is also the most protective outfit to the elements in my opinion without compromising too much weather protection.”

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Author: Alexa Coughlin

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