Admissions office offers internships to students

While most students intern to gain experience outside of their schools and colleges, several Seton Hall students have interned right here with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Jonathan Lester, a sophomore diplomacy major, is a general admissions intern. Lester said he was encouraged by his admissions counselor and other upperclassmen to apply for the position.

“My main responsibilities include organizing group tours, planning times for tour guides and focusing on inner office dealings,” he said.

Lester views his position as an opportunity to represent the school.

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Interns at the Office of Undergraduate Admissions said they view their position as an opportunity to represent the school, learned time management skills and how to be outspoken.

“I want to be able to help other people,” he said. “The college process is difficult. If I could make it less difficult and get the families and prospective students more excited, that’s what I would want.”

While other internships are competitive, Lester said he felt that interning in admissions is more family-oriented.

“Interning in the admissions office gives me an opportunity to learn more aspects of the school and to be myself,” he said. “I have met people I possibly would not yet have met if I did not have this job.”

Mariam Elmiligi, a junior marketing major, started off as a tour guide in Blue Crew before becoming a processing intern at the admissions office. She works with transcripts, organizes the mail, including acceptance letters, helps with inputting decisions and works on special projects with her boss to make the processes easier.

“My job is to also know about the majors and programs so I can explain to families and prospective students,” Elmiligi said. “It’s one big marketing job and it’s giving me a lot of experience with customer service, marketing and communication skills.”

Compared to other internships, Elimilgi described how flexible the hours are with interning on campus.

“It’s also a lot more convenient, even though I commute,” she said. “I work with a bunch of co-workers the same age as me. Hundreds of co-workers are also students. You’re a student first, intern second.”

Elimilgi shared what she learned from her internship. “You must be confident when you answer questions,” she said. “If you’re not confident in answering the prospective students and families, they will not feel confident. Visitors will see right through you.”

She added that she also learned how to manage her time and her communication skills.

“You learn how to talk to people no matter where you work,” Elmiligi added. “In the career field, this requires learning new skills fast and then teaching others. Do not be afraid to ask for help. It’s better to ask for help and doing the job correctly rather than not asking and messing up the projects.”

Ibukunoluwa Akintola, a senior physics major and graphic design minor, applied on the Seton Hall careers website and wrote her name on the involvement table. She started off in Blue Crew before becoming an International Admissions Intern.

“I’m also a mediator for the international prospective students,” Akintola added. “I check the inbox and answer questions for prospective students, then I forward it to the counselor if I do not understand the questions. I help with open houses to ensure that it runs smoothly and provide the information they need.”

Akintola said this internship taught her how to be outspoken and voice her opinion.

“I learned the best way to inform unfortunate information, such as unfulfilled requirements or rejections to students and families,” she said. “You’re the face of Seton Hall and it is important to not take lightly because prospective students are deciding whether they want to attend.”

Akintola said the internship is a way to better someone’s communication skills.

She said, “Whatever job you’re doing, communication is important. This will teach me how to talk to my bosses, colleagues and clients.”

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