SHU students share what they are most thankful for

With Thanksgiving around the corner, Seton Hall students and faculty shared what they are thankful for, how they spend their time doing what they are passionate about and how they celebrate the occasion.

“I’m most thankful for the ability to be an advocate and activist for the causes I believe in.”

Marya Mahmood, a senior history, secondary education and special education major, said she believes that college students should be grateful that they are in college. “Millions of students who work just as hard as we do don’t have the opportunities we are lucky to have,” Mahmood said. She said that nobody should ever give up the fight for an equal and equitable society and to never stop fighting for what they believe. She made sure that she advocates for social justice by educating herself, her friends and classmates and incorporating it into everyday conversations constantly and into her work as a teacher and mentor. “I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving,” Mahmood said. “But I’m thankful everyday for my experiences and the perseverance God has given me.”

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Some students are thankful for the ability to get an education at Seton Hall.

“I’m grateful for the light outside my window, the cold in the world that wakes me up, great family, health, Eucharist, colleagues who are smarter than me, students when their light goes on and a wife who makes me a better person than I would be otherwise.”

Anthony Sciglitano, an associate professor in the Department of Religion, believes that college students should be grateful for a being, a world that makes the study possible, poetry, friends and family insofar as they have one or both, breath, wonder and goodness. “Students should never give up wonder, any musical or artistic talent or hope,” Sciglitano said. “I made it my profession for one thing. Also, as Pope Francis has said we generally have more time than we admit if we use it well.” He added that eating Italian antipasto is part of his Thanksgiving tradition.

“I’m most thankful for the amazing family I’m a part of with all the love and care given.”

Megan Luo, a junior computer science major, said that college students should be grateful for the chance to really get to know what they want to do with their lives and in their careers. “Students should never stop trying and keep fighting,” Luo said. “If I’m passionate about something, I take my time to do research, learning and invest in what I can do more,” Luo said. She celebrates Thanksgiving by having all her friends and family back together.

“I am thankful for life and having the opportunity to go to this University.”

Steadman Blake, a junior criminal justice major, believes that college students should be grateful to have the opportunity to learn about faith and the Catholic tradition, if they are Catholic. “Dreams and hope are the things students should never give up and let die,” Blake said. “It’s all about doing what you love the most. If one is excited about completing a goal, then it will be accomplished if one is passionate about achieving a goal they desire.”

“I’m profoundly grateful for my tenured position at Seton Hall.”

Martha Carpentier, an English professor, said that she is also grateful for her colleagues, students, children being in good health and education. In addition, she described Seton Hall as a “home away from home.” “Students should be grateful for a college education, meetings with students and faculty one-onone and small classrooms, except bearing a huge load of debt,” Carpentier said. She celebrates her passions by researching, reading and writing about James Joyce and George Orwell.

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