Knights of Columbus rebrands image, strengthens faith

After nearly 30 years, Seton Hall’s Knights of Columbus is going for a makeover.

Founded in 1991, the chapter is a Roman Catholic fraternal organization that encourages the male students to join a brotherhood.

Grand Knight David Farrelly, a senior computer science major, explained his goals to increase the organization’s presence on campus.

“We are rebranding our image, rebuilding our ranks and restructuring our identity on campus so that we are known to be of existence to any of our Brother Knights who are on campus but have not learned of our Council, as well as any other students who want to join the Knights,” Farrelly said.

He explained that the goal of the council is to strengthen their faith and promote the growth of each other. Farrelly added that the “council’s specific mission falls under Proverbs 27:17.”

Farrelly said that as a council, all of the Knights are given free rein on whatever they want to oversee, as long as it follows the Catholic Mission. This includes events, pop-up shops, intra-Council networking opportunities and religious functions.

The Knights are also planning events for the year. Most of them are charity and volunteer events that will be open to all members on campus. The Brothers work with several nonprofit organizations, including Habitat for Humanity and soup kitchens.

Photo courtesy of David Farrelly
Farrely said the fraternity is working to rebrand its image and foster a brotherhood.

Farrelly said he wants to foster a community of students, both Knights and non-Knights, to take part in community service projects.

“We should be doing our service not because we have to, not because we can, but because we want to, and that desire to volunteer should be out of no expectation of reward,” he said. “We commit our service because it’s right and just, through both our individual morality and by our Catholic Faith.”

Brian McShane, a junior finance major, discussed why he decided to join the Knights of Columbus. He was influenced to join because of their reputation Catholic service.

“Their history of charitable works impressed me, from spearheading local hurricane relief efforts to donating large numbers of wheelchairs and ultrasound machines,” McShane said. “It seemed that they did good wherever they were, and I wanted a part of that.”

The Knights also allow men to socialize with fellow knights that are closer to their age. Felix Martinez, a sophomore diplomacy major, explained the benefits of joining the organization.

“I have been able to learn how the Knights of Columbus function without the pressure of having to keep up with older adults who have been in the organization for years,” Martinez said. “It has also taught me how to socialize myself with the campus faculty and different networks among the volunteer and Catholic community.”

Farrelly said he encourages his Knights to look out for each other and foster a brotherhood. The Knights of Columbus is a lifelong commitment, according to Farrelly. After graduation, one will be able to continue service projects in his hometown. Farrelly encourages his Knights to look out for each other and foster a brotherhood.

The Knights have allowed students to focus more on their Catholic faith. Martinez said the Knights have allowed him to “fit within the Catholic community here on campus and in the bigger world unlike before.”

He said he found that the Knights of Columbus helped him develop great friendships with the other members.

“The guys in the chapter are motivated and want to do the most they can before our four short years of college are up,” Martinez said. “It has made me adopt a mentality of service that I take with me to life beyond school.”

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  1. This is a fantastic article and so happy to see this council moving forward after all. Keep up the GREAT work and enjoy your membership in a great Catholic organization.
    Bob Hatler. PSD

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