Art, interactive, multimedia design majors make their mark

Art, design and interactive multimedia majors shared their unique experiences in the classroom and about an ordinary day while pursuing an innovative career.

Many students find that this major gives one the ability to hone their skills as an artist through technology pushing them to be innovators in social and commercial design practices. Some believe that this major offers chances for students to workshop their work and allotting time for professors and other students to critique and help improve their pieces.

They shared how classes allow the student to work within his or her own creative process while working under the terms and deadlines of a design firm.

Kiera Alexander/Photography Editor
Students in the ADIM major learn how to use Adobe software as well as other skills.

Asa Bloom, a senior design and interactive multimedia major, explained how the classes helped him build his professional portfolio.

“Most of my assignments are longer term projects where we design or create something, go through a few iterations of it, have critiques and then submit a final version to be graded,” Bloom said.

He added that the busy work that the students will encounter in a lot of other courses are eliminated and there are clear, defined goals that students work towards in these classes. Bloom said the classes push him beyond the limits of his own creative process. For example, he said his typography class taught him the impact of fonts.

Last summer, Bloom secured an internship at a nuclear power plant as a nuclear communications intern. Although most of his duties revolved around the communications division, he was able to use skills that he used in his classes throughout the program.

“I was able to do a lot of photography and videography for them,” Bloom said. “I also helped create a large number of notices that went out to the station to help disseminate knowledge.”

Dillon Ventura, a sophomore design and interactive multimedia major, said that his major classes are helping to cultivate his creative and technical skills as a digital artist, as well as how to communicate effectively with clients.

“I’m learning how to use Adobe software like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign,” Ventura said.

He also learned about design techniques, like composition, hierarchy, color, shape and image.

Ventura added that this major allows him to reach a mass amount of people through his advertising work, and hopes to design something that affects someone in an impactful way.

Christine Krus, a professor of art and design, said the department includes a wide variety of classes from introductory design to advanced. These classes can stem from typography, drawing classes, web design and portfolio and workshop classes.

“Classes mimic the atmosphere of a design agency, structured as an open forum in which students are encouraged to express their opinions and ideas,” Krus said.

She highlighted the curriculum as creating agile learners through experimentation and expression. Krus added that the art and design program prepares students to be conceptual, visual thinkers and active participants in society.

Krus said, “With a foundation in the liberal arts, ADIM focuses on educating the whole person while developing innovative leaders.”

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