TV shows to watch this Netflix and chill-y season

As the spooky season rolls in, it’s that time of year when students cuddle up by their laptops and binge watch some television shows.

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The Politician

Jon Quinn, a junior marketing major, recommends Netflix’s “The Politician.” The series revolves around a high school student who is willing to “fight tooth and nail to win the student presidency,” Quinn said.

Created by Ryan Murphy, this Netflix original follows Payton, played by Ben Platt, a high school student who dreams of running for president. However, before he attempts a run at the White House, he must win over his high school peers.

Cassandra Kaba, a junior political science major, said the series is “stunning” and “took a wild turn at the end.”

“The Politician” boasts a well-known cast featuring Gwyneth Paltrow, Zoey Deutch and Jessica Lange. Murphy is best known for his shows “Glee,” “American Horror Story” and most recently FX’s “POSE.” “The Politician” is the first of many to come as the producer signed a $300 million deal with Netflix, making it the most lucrative television deal in history, according to

American Horror Story: 1984

Another Murphy hit, “American Horror Story,” has returned for its ninth season titled “American Horror Story: 1984.” This season is set on Camp Redwood, the sight of the worst summer camp massacre of all time, and is described as an “80’s slasher theme” by Kimani Key, a senior marketing major. Key, who is self-described as “dedicated to cable,” has been watching this season on FX and recommends the show to students this fall semester.

Money Heist/La Casa de Papel

Despite its new season debuting in July, Netflix’s Spanish heist hit remained in the list of shows students look forward to binge this fall. “Money Heist,” also known as “La Casa de Papel,” was the most watched non-English television show on Netflix as of last year, according to The show follows nine robbers and their attempts to rob the Royal Mint of Spain with the third season following the aftermath of the heist and where the robbers are two years after the heist took place.

Michelle Torres, a junior mathematical finance major, said it is one of her favorite shows because it “constantly has you wondering what the characters are going to do next to get out of what seems like an impossible situation.” Torres added that the show is extremely easy to binge and is “literal crack.”

She also added that it is perfect for the Halloween season because “you literally start panicking with the characters when something’s about to go wrong.” She also explained that the Dali masks the characters wear to rob the Mint are incredibly scary while binge-watching at 2 a.m.

Wu-Tang: An American Saga

Hulu’s 10-part original mini-series is a retelling of the origins of the Wu-Tang Clan set in the late 1990s during the crack epidemic in New York City. The show tracks RZA, also known as Bobby Diggs, who is also a producer on the series, as he forms the Wu-Tang Clan through uniting young black men. Caught between music and the crime that surrounds them, he ultimately becomes one of hip-hop’s pioneering groups amidst the adversity.

“If you can manage to incorporate the television series into your selection of viewership, it may potentially be in your top five,” Darren Dort, a sophomore business management major, said. Dort also mentioned that he enjoys the Wu-Tang Saga at home with his projector while enjoying a full meal.


Quinn also recommended the Netflix series “Elite.” The show’s plot revolves around a group of working-class students who end up enrolled in an elite private school and become enveloped in a murder investigation. Elite also features many of the same actors from Money Heist. Quinn said that each episode “literally keeps you wanting to watch the next episode.” He also recommended watching it in the original Spanish instead of the dubbed version.

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