Don’t let your fall break fall short this year

Seton Hall’s Fall Break will be from Oct. 14-15 this year, and many students have exciting plans for the days off. Whether students are staying on campus or going home, there are countless ways to have a fun and productive fall break.

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Work/make money

This break could be a good opportunity for students to earn extra money. Some are using the fall break to pick up shifts at their old jobs.

Melanie Liriano, a freshman speech pathology major, used to work as a counselor at the Boys & Girls Club. During Fall Break, she will be picking up some shifts.

“Over the break, I plan on working at the Boys and Girls Club by my house,” Liriano said. “I worked there all of last year and I love the atmosphere there. Plus, I don’t have a job on campus, and I need the money.”

Visit your old high school

Students recommended that a high school visit would be perfect during this break. They explained that the visit will allow some to reconnect with old teachers and give advice to current high school students.

Tori Reich, a freshman education major, is looking forward to visiting her old teachers and is especially excited to tell her high school friends all about college.

“I live in Jersey, so I am going home, and I plan on visiting my high school,” Reich said. “I am looking forward to seeing my old director and friends who are still students there.”

Visit family

For many students, seeing their family is the most exciting part of the break. Even some students who are from out-of-state are going to see their families.

Jolie Candelore, a freshman diplomacy and pre-law major, is from Florida and is using the fall break as an opportunity to visit her family.

“I’m going back home, and my family and I are celebrating my birthday early since it falls on the last day of Fall Break,” Candelore said. “I’m super excited.”

For students who cannot visit family over the break, they can still use the extra time over break to give their families a call.

Relaxing with favorite hobbies

Shanice Bedford, a freshman biomedical engineering major, is an out-of-state student and will stay on campus for Fall Break. She said that it is a good time to unwind with her favorite activities.

“I’m actually really excited for Fall Break,” Bedford said. “During the holiday, I plan to de-stress from academic life by doing a series of autumn-themed arts and crafts.”

Meeting up with friends from high school

Many other colleges have fall breaks next week as well. Students said that this is a perfect time to meet up with old friends and trade college stories.

“I’m excited to see some friends from back home,” Julia Lomonte, a freshman psychology major, said. “I also miss my dog, so I will be spending lots of time with him.”

For those staying on campus, they can take a day trip to New York City. The $14 round trip ticket can be purchased at the South Orange train station or on the NJ Transit app.

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