Students celebrate friendship with Galentine’s Day

Though Valentine’s Day is mainly focused on couples and relationships, some Seton Hall students shared their perspectives on how to have a great Valentine’s Day while being single. From hanging out with friends to having a normal day in the life, students showed that Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be focused on the romance.

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Movie Night

Many single students said that Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to stay in and watch movies. Movie choices varied from person to person.

Victoria Uriarte, a sophomore business major, said, “I watch horror movies with my friends and eat food. It is a cheap alternative to going out with your friends. Instead, you’re staying in.”

Meanwhile, Madeline Pfaff, a junior education major, said, “I watch rom-coms with friends. I like to make fun of the stupid chick flicks with my friends.” Either way, the movie choices, whether horror or a comedy making fun of love, seem to be the choice among SHU students.

A Day of Pressure

Pfaff said that Valentine’s Day is simply full of pressure for both couples and single people. “Valentine’s Day is all about pressuring couples to see if they last, but I interpret it as the day before chocolate goes on sale,” Pfaff said.

Rodell Laranang, a sophomore social and behavioral science major, added, “This is my first Valentine’s Day single in a while, so some friends and I are going to go with the flow and not feel the pressure that this holiday would usually bring. I saved a lot of money this year.”

Just Another Day

Other SHU students said that they think of the romantic holiday as any other ordinary day. Kerry McGrath, a sophomore psychology major, shared his thoughts. “I do nothing. To me, it’s not a holiday; it’s just another day of the week,” McGrath said. “My birthday is three days after, so I celebrate that instead. My birthday is more important.”

Celebrating Friends

Laranang said he looks at Valentine’s Day as a reminder of a person’s faithful friendships. “It’s a reminder to be grateful for your close friends that you care for,” Laranang said.

Uriarte also agreed and said that Valentine’s Day is about connecting with friends and the people she loves, not limited to just those that people feel romantically for.


All of the activities that students suggested offered the overarching theme of self-love. Students shouldn’t feel the pressure to be in a relationship.

They should just enjoy the day on their own or with friends and family, and thus embrace the idea of love in different ways.

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