Students offer some Valentine’s Day makeup tips

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and to prepare for the day, Seton Hall University students shared their favorite makeup brands, tips and tricks.

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Kassidy Kelly, a sophomore public relations major, shared a makeup tip.

“Next time you sit down to do your makeup, try mixing your liquid foundation with a small drop of your daily face moisturizer before applying,” Kelly said. “This will not only keep your skin extra hydrated and keep your makeup from looking ‘cakey,’ but will help to make your foundation last longer – a little goes a long way.”

Kelly also said she finishes her routine with setting spray and added, “Another one of my go-to tips is to keep a little pressed powder compact in your purse or bag for touching up so your makeup will never look oily or shiny.”

Courtney Jenney, a senior public relations major, also shared some of her favorite makeup tips.

“I love to use my bronzer as eyeshadow,” Jenney said. “By using the same tones, it doesn’t look like I’ve used a million different products.

“I love to contour my face to give it more depth,” Jenney continued. “When you apply basic foundation and powder, your face can look really flat. By contouring your forehead, cheekbones and jawline, your face will have much more of a shape to it.”

Victoria Cardona, a senior finance and management major, discussed some of her beauty tips.

“Some cool tips or hacks that I came across when I started really getting into makeup – and still use now – are priming your face before putting on concealer or foundation,” Cardona said. “Using concealer as a lid primer, using tape for a straight, sharp cat eye or clean eyeshadow, and you can never go wrong with highlighter.”

Cardona added that color correcting is an amazing solution to redness, dark spots, and under eye bags.

Kelly said that she purchases makeup from many different brands. “Too Faced Cosmetics and Anastasia Beverly Hills,” Kelly said. “I think they are very reasonably priced for the quality and longevity of their products.”

Cardona recommended certain brands that are affordable, but also good quality for those on a budget. “I usually recommend Elf, Morphe, ColourPop, NYX, Sephora brand, Kylie Cosmetics, and Wet -N- Wild,” Cardona said.

Cardona added, “The more expensive does not always mean the best product, and the same goes for the least expensive, but when given the chance to try out the product or read reviews, always take advantage.”

Kelly said that it is very important to always remember to take off one’s makeup every night before going to bed.

“This is one of the main causes of breakouts, and with a good skincare routine, you can easily avoid them,” Kelly said. “I’d recommend the Clinique 3-Step set. It’s so easy and really changed my skin for the better.”

Kelly concluded with what she said her spring and summer season makeup trend predictions are. “I think that fun, colored eyeliners are going to be making their way into the upcoming fair-weather season,” Kelly said.

“Nothing says summer like a little pop of color. I also think that dewy, naturally glowing skin is going to be a staple look in the summertime.”

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