In response to “SHU removes anti-gay organization from website”

Regarding the recent article entitled, “SHU removes anti-gay organization from website” which was published on Jan. 31, I would like to clarify certain points about “Courage International” and the Catholic identity of our University that have been smeared because of the emotional frustration of a few.

“Courage International” is a Catholic organization that exists to help those who suffer from unwanted same sex attraction in order to live a Christian lifestyle. In no way is this organization “homophobic.” Courage International’s first goal is to help people “to live chaste lives in accordance with the Roman Catholic Church’s teachings on homosexuality (chastity).”

This statement is adapted from the Catechism of the Catholic Church which states, “The virtue of chastity comes under the cardinal virtue of temperance, which seeks to permeate the passions and appetites of the senses with reason” (CCC 2341).

In addition, the claims against Monsignor Ziccardi, a well-respected professor and administrator, as being a man who is “frustrating, homophobic, and uncomfortable” to converse with is an emotional fallacy.

It is the result of arrogance and frustration, attacking the person ad hominem rather than addressing the issue of “Courage International” in a dignified manner. If anything, Monsignor Ziccardi should be receiving a formal apology. He was kind enough to meet politely to discuss this issue with a student and it only makes sense that he would use “a copy of Catholic catechism on human sexuality” as a resource for this discussion given his status as a priest at a Catholic university.

Seton Hall University, the Catholic University of New Jersey, has supported the Courage apostolate because it is founded in the teachings of the Church.

No Seton Hall student is ever coerced in matters of religion; Seton Hall faculty, staff, and students are a diverse community where people of all faiths (or no faith) are respected and loved. The fact remains that Seton Hall is a Catholic university and therefore governed by St. John Paul II’s Apostolic Constitution, Ex Corde Ecclesiae. As such, the Vice President for Mission and Ministry, Campus Ministry, and the Courage Apostolate lovingly serve the University community in fidelity to the Gospel. We all would do well to recall the words of Pope Francis last year, “Where there are lies, there is no love, one cannot have love.”

Francis J. Hunter

Author: Letters to the Editor

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  1. Sir, you yourself have committed the mortal sin of theft.

    I am now short a few brain cells after having read your letter.

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  2. And this is why less and less young people are accepting religion/Catholicism. And rightfully so.

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    • If your not accepting the Church’s teaching on human sexuality, you are not Catholic in the first place. Makes sense to me.

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  3. Seton Hall University is a university first and foremost. Their job is to educate their students and to make all students feel welcome and safe, and that includes all the diverse students that they brag about during Open House. Any part of their catholic ideology comes second to that mission. If Seton Hall wishes to respect and love the LGBT community here, that includes not sponsoring an organization that says same sex attraction is a suffering that can be controlled and repressed; a proven and outright lie. To suggest otherwise is the definition of homophobia and if Seton Hall wants to continue claiming that they love and support their diverse student body, then the faculty SHU employs should act like it.

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    • i’m planning to go to seton hall because of the program i got into but tbh i really dont like the school. i’m bisexual and i feel like i wont be able to be myself, and could have a hard time finding other queer women on campus since i assume most people here are catholic. queer ladies at seton hall hmu

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