SHU students take winter fashion by storm

With the recent cold front hitting the East Coast, Seton Hall students are sharing their own tips and advice on how to stay warm and fashionable this winter.

Annemarie Ryan wears a sweater and scarf for the winter season. Sarah Yenesel/Photography Editor

Antonios Alshahda, a freshman criminal justice major, said his winter essential ensemble includes a comfortable North Face jacket, a short-sleeved T-shirt, sweatpants and a pair of Nike shoes. Alshahda said he is looking to add a Seton Hall bomber jacket to his wardrobe to “showcase school spirit while being fashionable.”

Annemarie Ryan, a freshman nursing major, said, “I love sweater weather and you can never go wrong with a pair of fuzzy socks, especially when they’re Christmas socks.”

Ryan added, “I want to start adding more leggings and boots into my wardrobe. I’ve seen some really cute warm winter headbands that I want to start wearing especially as it starts to get colder.”

Grace O’Malley, a freshman diplomacy and international relations major, said she is experiencing her first winter as she is from California. “I own a down and insulated navy blue coat from Columbia that is basically my wardrobe,” she said. O’Malley said her wish list includes leather gloves and a plaid scarf.

Tatyana Guzman, a junior diplomacy and international relations major, said that she is inspired by New York and Japanese street fashion. “Anything bright and unusual that makes a statement,” Guzman said.

In regards to college students, Guzman said, “Students should wear anything that makes them feel good about themselves. And of course anything to keep them warm in the cold weather.” A big fashion want from Guzman is more colorful sweaters from Lazy Oaf.

“It really shows when you can style a cute outfit in the most simple way,” Courtney Jenney, a senior public relations major, said. “I love pairing jeans with a solid top or sweater, booties, and a scarf or jacket to make the outfit come together.” Jenney said she favors the classic look of a simple style dressed up with jewelry, hats, scarves or even a fun hairstyle.

“It’s always a good idea to have a bunch of comfortable but fashionable looks in your closet,” Jenney said. “It makes it easier to dress nicely for class. Nobody wants to be uncomfortable or get ready for three hours before a class, so I think the best way to go is with oversized sweaters, jeans, boots or booties and a bunch of scarves.”

Michael McMurtry, a sophomore philosophy major, said he prefers simpler styles with darker tones. “I am always an advocate of comfort,” McMurtry said. “As students, we are working on a limited budget and are not in professional jobs yet, so comfortable is always better.”

McMurtry said that he is looking to add different styles of jeans and joggers into his wardrobe. “I see how the Kardashians dress and I am partially inspired by how little they care what others think about their clothing choices,” he said.

Victoria Cardona, a junior finance and management major and president of the fashion club, said, “As I always like to say and I personally believe someone should wear whatever they like and you don’t always have to follow trends whether you are into fashion or not.”

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