ARC tutors learn time management skills amid final exam season

The Ruth Sharkey Academic Resource Center (ARC) hosted its traditional end-of-the-semester event in the Main Lounge, titled “SHU Tutopia,” on Dec. 11. The tutors, who are all Seton Hall students, offered their help and service to students by helping them prepare for exams while also preparing for their own exams.

Samantha Sellars, a senior elementary special education and English major, said when tutors enter “finals season,” they need to ensure that their work is done prior to when they are planning to tutor. They also need to make sure that they will be able to have time for their own studying needs along with the time that they set aside to tutor, she said.

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“For example, I am going to be doing most of my studying this week so that during finals,” Sellars said. “I just need to continue going over material, but the majority of my studying is complete.”

Sellars said she believes that it is not that difficult of a transition between setting time aside to tutor during the year and setting aside time to tutor during finals season at SHU Tutopia because tutors already know how to ensure that they can complete their work throughout the year while also tutoring.

Josh Steier, a first-year graduate student and physics major, said he previously volunteered to tutor at SHU Tutopia as a math learning lab tutor and a tutor for athletes. “To accommodate different learning styles, I present the information differently,” Steier said. “Some people learn visually right, so I would draw a diagram to explain.”

Steier said if student tutors have good time management skills and have the time to prepare the student for exams, they can prepare the student by coming up with study plans and know which topics are on the exam. “The more problems the student works on, the better they perform,” he said.

Ryan Brown, a sophomore nursing major, believes that the most important skill to have as a tutor is time management. “You have to set certain days when you can fit in studying time,” Brown said. “So you don’t have to cram after-tutoring hours.”

Brown said he learned how to set up a schedule for studying, knowing he would be working from 3 to 6 p.m. “Since I am a nursing major and I tutor anatomy, visuals are essential for doing well,” he said. “If I am going over a certain topic, I make sure to cater to everyone’s needs, either by drawing pictures or showing videos to students in order to help them understand the material better.”

Matthew Carden, a senior sports management and information technology management major, said his experience as a tutor is a great opportunity to put time management skill into effect with the goal of seeing overall success of all Seton Hall Students.

“SHU Tutopia is a great opportunity for last-minute reinforcement before the final exam stretch,” Carden said. “We try our best to adapt to different learning styles and we learn different ways to form our peers to solve similar issues.”

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