Seton Hall brings law and order to students

On the night of Oct. 30, the Career Center held a Law School Confidential panel featuring Seton Hall alumni and students.

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Justin Krass, assistant director of the Career Center, organized the event and shared his suggestions for students who are interested in or planning on going to law school.

“As detailed by the panel, law schools are looking for candidates with strong research, writing, and analytical skills,” Krass said. “Students interested in law school should look for opportunities both on and off-campus to develop these skills.”

Krass added that it is important to network with people involved in the legal field to not only learn more about potential career but also help students connect with individuals about internships while in college and law school as well as occupations after graduation.

He recommended that juniors start preparing for the LSAT exams and researching schools. “The best time to actually start filling out applications is Aug.-Sept. of senior year,” he said.

Krass said he believed students should research different careers in the legal field and to speak with practicing attorneys to start learning about the field, while developing one’s network within the legal field.

Prospective law students shared their experiences.

Camile Teajman, a sophomore English major, said, “Regarding the application process, I have not yet started yet. I’m still trying to decide whether or not I want to stay in New Jersey or go back to Pennsylvania. I was inspired to go to the event after seeing a flyer and realizing that it could be very beneficial to get input from people who have been through this process time and time again!”

Teajman said he advises aspiring law school students to simply breathe, not panic and understand that there is more time than they think there is.

Janine Dayeh, a senior political science and pre-law major, said she has always wanted to be a lawyer.
She loves to argue and believes that the law field is for her.

She recommends students start their LSAT preparation early and to make sure to stay on top of applications. Dayeh, who is the president Phi Alpha Delta, added that she recommends joining organizations with a strong support system.

“I am taking the LSAT again to hopefully get a better score and have everything set to apply for law school,” Dayeh said. “All I need to do is finish writing my personal statement, but my letters of recommendation and actual applications are ready to go.”

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