WSOU rocks fall season with concert fest

WSOU is hosting a fall concert series on their station called “Rotten Apple Fest.” The series will include a total of 11 shows from September to December and feature hard rock and heavy metal bands.

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The Seton Hall radio station serves as the sponsor for the concerts. Their core artists mostly comprise of bands that are based in the New York City area.

The shows take place in various venues throughout New York City in boroughs like Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan. Jennifer Kajzer, WSOU’s underwriting sales and marketing manager, explained why the radio station decided to host its concerts there. “It [New York] is a market that we reach and is of prominence to us,” Kajzer said. “We have our listeners all around the area—we are a New Jersey station, but we are also known to be a radio station in New York.”

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WSOU has hosted other concert series in the past, each at different times of the year and with different themes. Mark Maben, the general manager of WSOU, wrote in an email, “Experiential learning and pre-professional development are critical components of WSOU’s mission. A concert series like Rotten Apple Fest gives our students opportunities for hands-on learning.

“The experience of working with promoters, venues, interacting with concertgoers, making stage announcements and marketing the series all help our staff members develop skills that they need for careers within the media, music and marketing industries,” Maben said. “Being part of WSOU isn’t just fun. There’s a lot you learn along the way.”

Kajzer said the staff of WSOU took on various roles throughout the process. They first developed the name of the concert series and marketed the station, bands and concerts. Acknowledgment goes to the students that are on staff at WSOU, she said, for running the majority of the event, which took about a month of intense decision-making to finalize.

Kajzer said that WSOU, particularly the students, worked with Live Nation. This included taking care of booking, creating buzz about the event and deciding on the number of shows to host.

Jocelyn Rogalo, a senior broadcasting and visual media major, shared her experience of working with the radio station.

“Being able to experience what the radio industry is like outside of the classroom is priceless,” Rogalo said. “The staff wants to make sure events like the Rotten Apple Fest are just as fun and rewarding for our listeners as it is for us. These are the activities we’ll remember after college, and we know our listeners care about having a fun night of music with their favorite bands.”

A list of the dates and events of the concert series can be found on WSOU’s Facebook page.

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