Students praise new equipment at IHS campus

The School of Health and Medical Sciences, after its completion this past summer, has received not only a new campus in Nutley, N.J. but also new equipment.

Bonita Stanton, founding dean of Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine at Seton Hall University (on behalf of all three IHS deans, Brian Shulman and Marie Foley, described the new equipment at the Nutley campus.

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“There is extensive recording equipment in the simulation suite (high fidelity mannequins and standardized patients), state-of-the-art information technology in the learning studios, significantly enhanced set of journals and publications available online, digital signage throughout the building, research laboratories throughout the building, activities of daily living laboratory, exam table laboratories to teach clinical skills across all three schools,” Stanton said.

Starting in July, they have done their best to teach the Pennsylvania and medical students how to use the new equipment. Some of the equipment has not existed in the South Orange campus such as the technology in the learning studio while others, like the mannequins have been upgraded.

Shannon Burke, a senior with a major in nursing and a minor in Catholic studies, described an experience she had in one of the new classrooms.

“The classrooms I have been in are set up in tables of five students, each with their own 52” TV where students can connect and display their laptops during group presentations,” she said. “I feel as though this technology has its perks, but I can also see the downfall,” said Burke. “Unfortunately, I do not think that professors and students that were supposed to be utilizing this technology were fully briefed on how to use this new and innovative technology. Often, some of these wonderful technologies are not being used to their full potential.”

Teresea Holl, a junior nursing major shared her opinion on the new campus.

“The IHS campus is great because it is solely students in healthcare and sciences. It is nice being around students with the same interests in a new environment,” Holl said. “The biggest thing I had to adapt to was driving to school, but I’ve been enjoying the short commute and new building, so I have nothing negative about my experience!”

Sarah Luczak, a senior nursing major, shared that although she has yet to use the new equipment, she has seen it.

“At the new campus, I have seen a few new pieces of equipment; such as a simulation operating room. Unfortunately, I have not used the equipment. I don’t believe the equipment is for nursing students necessarily,” said Luczak. “In addition, I’ve seen a room with simulation mannequins to practice various types of health care functions. I have not yet used the mannequins, but I do believe that when it comes time for my clinical simulation, we will be using them.”

Stephanie Bade, a senior Nursing major, describes simulations available in a class she is taking later this year.

“During my clinical simulations there are various SIM manikins and other technology that allows students to feel as if they are truly in a hospital setting,” said Bade. “For example, the junior nursing students who will be taking maternity and newborn clinical, will have a SIM manikin that can replicate a pregnant woman giving birth with all of the monitors and ultrasound technology that is used in a hospital.”

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