SHU gym acts as hub for social and wellness activity

The Richie Regan Recreation and Athletic Center offers a variety of classes and equipment for students to stay fit and active.

The campus fitness center is famous for being the location of the Pirate statue, where it is known by SHU tradition for being a beacon of good luck for students who touch its foot.

Kathy Matta, the senior associate athletics director, described the gym as the “center of social interaction.” She explained that students come into the gym not just for the equipment, but to meet up with their friends and hang out. Seton Hall added a ping pong table just for that purpose, she said.

“There is something for everyone here,” Matta said. “I encourage students to find what works for them.”

The center has a gym with 10 basketball hoops for students to use as well as a track that surrounds the area. Basketballs can be borrowed from the front desk. On the opposite side of the fitness center is a 24-yard pool with eight lanes.

Roba Hassan, a sophomore early childhood special education major, said she often uses the swimming pool at the fitness center. “I used to swim back home, so having a clean and easily accessible pool feels right,” Hassan said. “I come as much as I can.”

Next to the basketball and track gym is the workout center where all of the fitness equipment is located.

The first floor features the cardio equipment, which includes elliptical, treadmills and a rowing machine.

The treadmills are in front of the windows, providing a clear view of the campus for people using them.

The second floor contains weightlifting machines and fitness studios where classes are held.

A new weightlifting machine is the Smith Machine, which allows someone to lift without a spotter, as it has an automated spotter for safety.

Additionally, the center offers a variety of fitness classes instructed by Seton Hall students, including Zumba, spin and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Katie Brown, a junior nursing major, said that her favorite part of the gym is the spin classes. She said the loud music and the ability to go at your own pace contributes to a fun experience. “All the people are motivating and everyone is so nice about the different level of fitness,” Brown said. “No one is judging.”

Matta, who is also a Seton Hall alumna, discussed the “intramurals” hosted by the SHU gym, which has over 600 students currently involved. Intramural games are similar to club sports, but are less structured or rule-oriented. Students can sign up to a team and play with other students at the level they wish to play, where they can play “just for fun” or on higher levels with advanced-skilled players. Sports range from soccer, co-recreational volleyball, football, basketball and dodgeball.

Matta said that the goal of the SHU gym is not only wellness, but also inclusiveness in the diverse interests and capabilities of the students. “We consider these life skills,” Matta said. “Habits you make now will carry you throughout life. Take advantage!”

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