Fall fashion takes over Seton Hall University

With sweater weather around the corner, fall is approaching and new fashion trends are developing.
Seton Hall students shared some do’s and don’ts for fall fashion trends and a few “must-haves” for this season.

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Victoria Cardona, a junior finance and management major, listed some popular essential clothes and accessories for the fall and winter seasons.

“Must-have clothes are blazers, big/chunky sweaters, black booties, silk skirts, turtlenecks, patterns and prints (animal print and florals), shearling outerwear, glossy items, leather, etc.,” Cardona said, “While must-have accessories are statement headpieces, printed/patterned handbags, belt bags, statement hoops (crystals, fruits, symbols, chandeliers, etc.), gloves, animal print shoes, statement scarfs, etc.”

Cardona, who is the president of the Seton Hall Fashion Club, also commented on trends she thinks has “had their time” and should essentially be “put to rest.”

“In terms of the dad shoes and the western/cowboy looks, those are my absolute, absolute, absolute least favorite trends,” Cardona said. “I feel like both had their time and should not be recurring trends. They are just very unappealing and unattractive to me. However, I do praise and give credit to whoever can pull off those looks and whoever likes them.”

As for what’s “in” this season, Cardona said that as long as you own it and style different pieces, it shouldn’t matter what’s in.

“What I always think about when I decide what to wear or when I see what people wear is if you know how to own it and style different pieces. If so, then that is all that matters, even if the items are not ‘in,’” Cardona said.

“However, on a college campus that isn’t an institution focused on fashion or the retail industry, students tend to not follow or wear what is ‘in,’” she said. “They more so just put on whatever just to get to class. But occasionally there’s always a few students who like and are into fashion who are always on trend.”

Stephanie Nwaiwu, a senior sports management and marketing major, shared some of this season’s “don’ts.” “Don’t wear anything showing too much skin—not even for modesty, mainly because it’s either torrential downpouring or two degrees outside,” Nwaiwu said. “Dress for the weather but don’t throw the dresses to the wayside either. Leggings or tights will keep you warm and keep your wardrobe open.”

“I would recommend a sturdy cable sweater. Chunky sweaters are cute and always work. Dress them down with leggings or jeans or dress them up with knee high boots and they always look good,” She continued.

“Trench coats are a must-have, and a classy way to look good and stay warm,” Nwaiwu said. “A nice turtleneck in all colors is also a must. Turtleneck bodysuits are the best of both worlds.”

Emily High, a sophomore in the B.A./M.A. public relations program and vice president of the Fashion Club commented on trends she’s noticed this season.

“Trends I have noticed this fall on and off the runway are mixing casual and elegant pieces together. I’ll go into the city and many people will wear a midi-length skirt with a graphic t-shirt and Stan Smith’s or Superstars,” She said. “An ongoing trend is shirts that are socially conscious, like shirts that stand for a cause you believe in, such, as ‘Strong is the New Pretty’ or ‘Enough is Enough’.”

According to High a trend during Fashion Week, was wide-legged pants and flare jeans in bright or floral prints. “Don’t be afraid to try something new,” High said, “The easiest way to show our personal brand is through what we wear,” “It is something everything has in common, yet we also have the ability to make it uniquely our own.”

Courtney Jenney, a senior public relations major, shared some of her favorite trends of the season.

“Some of my favorite trends for this season are gingham print, midi-skirts, mules and everything cheetah print,” Jenney said. “I love that wearing a super simple top, jeans and a fun pair of printed mules is such a trend right now. I also love that statement belts are really in right now.”

Jenney explained her least favorite trend. “I really don’t like the Birkenstock trend and bright colored accessories,” She said, “I love a big statement earring, but when lime greens and bright oranges start to take over — I’ll pass on that.”

Rhania Kamel can be reached at rhania.kamel@student.shu.edu.

Author: Rhania Kamel

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