Pirate’s guide to dazzling grad caps: How students expressed passion through their art

Seton Hall held its commencement ceremony for the class of 2018 on May 21, where many students decorated their graduation caps with a few unique themes and designs. Here are some of the graduation caps captured along with a few tips and tricks provided by students on decorating them.

Incorporate something meaningful and personal
Mansi Patel, a biology major and graduate, described the inspiration behind her cap by relating it back to one of her favorite TV shows, “Friends.” She said that her tip is to relate something meaningful and personal to a future graduate’s cap.

“Each episode begins with the words ‘The One Where…,’” Patel said. “Being that my four-year journey was ending here at Seton Hall, I chose to use these words and end it with ‘The One Where Mansi Graduates’ as tribute to my memories of Seton Hall.”

Photo courtesy of Mansi Patel

Use the past, present and future to find inspiration
Darianna Devore, a biology major, said she originally had no inclination to decorate her cap. However, as time pushed forward, she found that meshing the ideas of her past, present and future would make a keepsake item. Devore, who is Patel’s friend, explained the creativity behind her cap.

“The focal point of my cap is the bedazzled Seton Hall Pirate which pays tribute to my once home and all the fond memories I had as a student,” Devore said. “The flowers signify my growth into someone who has overcome limitations and is in the process of blossoming into a successful woman. I then added my major, minor [chemistry] and graduation year to show my pride and courses to study.”

Search for ideas on Pinterest
Several students had caps that were ornately designed with symbols of their future careers or song lyrics. Some caps featured famous quotes or were adorned with the symbol of Captain America.
Stephanie Nwaiwu, a senior sports management and marketing major, said she found the decorative caps amusing.

“The cap depicting the shadows is quite inspirational, it shows me that she decided to be outside the box and create her own path,” Nwaiwu said. “I think a tip I would use for my future cap is using Pinterest or asking my friends for help.”

Sarah Yensel/Photography Editor

Don’t be afraid to be daring
Amanda Halpin, a sophomore elementary and special education major, said she agreed that the shadow cap, which explains to not walk in anyone’s shadows, is encouraging.

“I feel like it can be easy to be a follower rather than a leader especially in college,” Halpin said. “I think my tip for future caps is to think outside the box like this cap. Don’t be afraid to be daring. This cap inspired me to think that way.”

Sarah Yenesel/Photography Editor

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Author: Zoey Dotson

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