Seniors pass on advice in ‘You SHU’d Know’ podcast

Seton Hall seniors have been working on a podcast throughout the semester with Professor Nancy Solomon.

The class had one major assignment: to make a podcast. Here, many students who were interested in podcasts and listened to them often got to have hands on experience actually making them. The class comprised of 10 seniors who split into teams of two to make a series with five episodes total.

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The students came together to brainstorm and decided to make the podcast geared toward incoming students. This podcast aimed to let these students in on what they should know before coming to school. In regards to the purpose of the podcast, Solomon said, “They are leaving and moving on and want to leave behind advice.”

Professor Solomon works at WNYC, a non-profit, noncommercial, public radio station, and has plenty of podcasting experience.

Within this overarching subject, there are a wide variety of topics, which include social life, getting involved, regrets, making mistakes, graduation, career and internships, among others. The students covered all topics that discussed experiences they have had and things they wish they knew going into the college.

Photo courtesy of Courtney Carr

“The first episode talks about knowing your major, knowing your limits, course load, social life and work life,” said Courtney Carr, a senior broadcast major with a concentration in television. “We talked to both freshmen and seniors to get different perspectives.”

When speaking about the process of making a podcast, Anne Madden, a senior double major in creative writing and visual and sound media, said, “We had to do the researching, editing, writing the preemptive audio work and then record it and put it all together.”

For Madden, this included finding interesting stories from other students as well as finding experts to talk to. The episode she had to cover with her partner was “Midterms.”

The students said they did not realize how much work went into creating a podcast, as some had only previously listened to them.

They worked very closely with the professor who occasionally brought in professionals from the field as well. The students spoke very highly
of the class, stating its usefulness and applicability, especially with podcasts becoming more and more prominent.

The first episode aired on May 2 and can be found on SoundCloud.

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