Students plug in to IT club on campus

There is a place for everyone at Seton Hall to express themselves in our campus community. Yet, sophomore Tori Giardina, an Information Technology Management and Marketing major, saw a vacancy in our community and decided to start the first IT Club on campus.

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“I’m motivated to start an IT Club because I’ve really developed an interest in IT, especially the past two years on campus taking classes, and I want to involve more people in what I love to do,” Giardina said. “So I’d love to spread knowledge about IT so I can spark other people’s interest in it.”

In regards to her goals, she hopes to spread awareness of IT more around campus.

“I know students here who are pursuing certificates in IT, or are just thinking about adding it as a second major. With an IT club to get involved in, they can learn more about the field and learn skills to help them advance as an IT student,” Giardina said.

Additionally, she’d like to eventually do some bigger events like visiting nearby companies to tour their IT departments and incorporate more companies looking for IT students into networking events, like the career fair.

“We’re in the very early stages of becoming an official club at SHU,” Giardina said. “The board will actually be meeting with our adviser next week, Dave Rosenthal, to talk about what we can do this year.”

Isabelle Nestorowicz, a sophomore accounting major, said, “I [want] to get involved in this club because I plan on pursuing the certificate in IT. Being an accounting major, I am actively involved in the accounting club and Beta Alpha Psi. Since I wanted to add IT to my studies, I decided this would be a good club to get involved in.”

She added that through the club, she hopes to learn more about technology in a casual, non-classroom setting where she’s more comfortable asking questions. “I think it will be beneficial because I do not have a lot of room in my schedule to fit in a lot of IT electives, so I will be able to learn these topics in the club,” Nestorowicz said.

Analisa Espino, a freshman mathematics major, said, “I want to get involved in the IT club to expand my knowledge of the IT world and broaden my horizons, in tandem with what I am currently studying.”

James Carpenter, a freshman accounting and information technology management double major, said, “I see this club as an exciting opportunity to provide an outlet for, not only me, but to all students here at Seton Hall to express interest and gain knowledge in the field.

“I am excited to see this new organization on campus help so many students to truly understand what it means to have a career in Information Technology.”

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