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Professor to receive award for ‘hip-hop pedagogy’

Assistant Professor Edmund Adjapong has been selected to receive the New Scholar Creativity and Pedagogy 2017 Award from the University of Calgary, which praises educators who create innovative teaching methods and incorporate these practices in their teaching.

Adjapong is an assistant professor of Education Studies who developed a teaching style that incorporates hip-hop. “Hip-hop pedagogy” incorporates music that highlights the genre, but also, the culture in order to involve and engage students.

Professor Edmund Adjapong was selected to receive an award for his unique teaching methods, which incorporates hip-hop into his lessons.
Photo courtesy of Edmund Adjapong

Adjapong commented on his teaching style and his favorite part about being an educator.

“In the classroom, my teaching method is student centered,” Adjapong said. “I really want my students to think critically about issues that may or may not pertain to them and understand the realities of situations that are different from their own.”

Adjapong wants his students to understand and respect alternative perspectives.

“My favorite part about being an educator is having the opportunity to transform lives and the way people think,” Adjapong said. “My goal is to get young people to understand and be able to answer questions from multiple perspectives and multiple lenses.”

Kalliopi Logothetis, a junior double major in secondary education and history, commented on her experience as a student in one of Adjapong’s classes.

“What makes him stand out is his ability to recognize the trends that exist in the current education system and how to make us, the future educators, ready to face those obstacles. He is 100 percent there for the students and in every way,” Logothetis wrote in an email. “Dr. Adjapong put his strategies to practice even during our meetings and showed us in real-time how they worked and how to even modify them if we needed.”

John Westling, a junior secondary special education major, commented on Adjapong’s best qualities as an educator.

“To me, Dr. Adjapong is exactly what you want in as a teacher and professor. When he speaks, he exudes belief and passion in the material he is presenting. He genuinely cares about his students and their success,” Westling wrote in an email. “Dr. Adajpong is extremely approachable and is willing to talk to you about real life rather than just material you get from a textbook. It is also very clear he takes pride in come from an urban area in the Bronx and excelling the way he has.”

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