Pirate’s Cove adds new items and improves old recipes

The Pirate’s Cove at Seton Hall University has recently undergone many changes. From the menu to the service, students, faculty, and visitors alike can have a new experience on campus.

Cove staff member Farreed Ross highlighted some of the new menu items.

Students can now enjoy new and improved menu items like pizza and wraps from the PIrate’s Cove.
Kiera Alexander/ Staff Photographer

“We added a lot more sandwiches and more drinks as well. There is the new super coffee, soups and salads, pastas, and vegetarian meals as well,” Reed said. Reed also noted that they have some new equipment, including an expresso machine.

Taylor Cain, a senior diplomacy major, enjoyed breaded chicken cutlet on a wrap in the Cove.

“This wrap is not a new menu item,” Cain said, “but I’ve noticed this year it was prepared differently. They used pizza sauce instead of marinara when making it.”

Most notable of all is the new system in place for calling orders instead of yelling them out. There is now a digital board that rings and displays the last two digits of the order number. Ross explained “there is less distraction when we are yelling and it is less noisy.”

“I feel like the service is better because it is faster and they aren’t shouting,” Cain said.

Angelo Piro, a graduate student and diplomacy major, said the pizza he was eating was good. “And, it was a lot cheaper than the traditional pizza and it was good quality,” Piro said.

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Author: Claudia Emanuele

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