Seton Hall welcomes largest class in school’s history

Seton Hall recently welcomed the Class of 2021, the largest class in its 161-year history.

At a record 1,463 freshmen students came to campus.

The record reached 1,463 freshmen students.
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Vice president of enrollment, Alyssa McCloud, was thrilled about the Class of 2021’s enrollment.

With an ample housing situation, the class’ large size was made possible, McCloud wrote in an email.

“Last year we intentionally kept the class small because the prior year [fall 2015] we enrolled 1,408 and had to rent housing from Rutgers Newark due t

o over enrollment and lack of space in our residence halls,” she said.

McCloud mentioned the Class of 2017 surpassed the University’s expectations.

“While we intended to enroll a larger class of about 1,325 incoming freshmen, the class exceeded our goals significantly and we are very pleased,” McCloud said.

Additionally, McCloud describes an enrollment deficit facing many colleges, particularly private institutions. Nevertheless, Seton Hall’s impressive academics, internship opportunities and esteemed scholarship sets it apart from other schools, according to McCloud.

“Nationally, many colleges are struggling with low enrollment, especially private schools. We are very fortunate to have such a strong incoming class, not only in terms of size, but also in terms of the quality and diversity,” McCloud wrote. “I think our enrollment success is a direct result of the high-caliber academics, amazing opportunities for internships, research and scholarship and of course the dedicated and highly caring faculty.”

Several freshmen explained why Seton Hall was their choice school.

Kyla Kembele, a freshman biology major, described Seton Hall as a home.

Kembele said, “Seton Hall has the kind of smallness that makes it like a family. Out of all the schools I visited, it was the place that felt like home.”

Moira Ryan, a freshman nursing major, expressed her satisfaction with already having many friends.

“We have a group of like 20 of us who go to dinner and everything all together. Seton Hall has such a community kind of feeling to it and I love that,” Ryan said. “I’m going to join cheerleading and I expect to meet even more people through that.”

A freshman diplomacy major, Khristine Leonardo, who was born in the Philippines, had similar sentiments.

“Coming from the Philippines, I felt like this was a home-away-from-home. I got my acceptance letter on my birthday, which I thought was a good omen.”

Leonardo added, “The diplomacy program here allows for opportunities and to make connections, too.”

Other students talked discussed the educational opportunities and financial reasonability that Seton Hall offers.

Kiera Sayres, a freshman philosophy major said that remaining relatively close to home also made SHU worthwhile.

“I wanted to be as far from home as possible, but also be able to visit,” she said. “It’s the best of both worlds,” she said. “It gave me the opportunity for financial aid as well.”

A freshman biology major, Chiedozie Onon said that Seton Hall was one of his top choices.

“Seton Hall’s program for my major is one of the most competitive,” he said. “I also got a great financial aid offer that I didn’t get from other schools. It was definitely one of my top choices.”

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