Students raise money for Egyptian hospitals

In response to the divide forming between Egypt and America, Nourhaal Saber, a diplomacy and international relations major, created the Egyptian American Youth Group (EAYG) to encourage conversation and increase fundraising.

“I chose to begin this organization to spread awareness for Egyptian people who do not have a voice,” Saber said. “I wanted to help voice their thoughts. I love being from Egypt and visiting my country and I wanted more people to come and explore the beauty that I see.”

The Egyptian American Youth Group hopes to host a fundraiser to raise money for hospitals in Egypt. Photo courtesy of Nourhaal Saber.

“I want people to know that this club is not exclusive to Egyptians,” said Christine Karolewski, a sophomore accounting and information technology major. “I am Polish and Irish and although I take great pride in my family heritage, it is so interesting to be exposed to a new culture and learn about another perspective of life.”

According to freshman English major Hannah Sakha, “The Egyptian American Youth Group is an organization dedicated to aiding the country of Egypt. One of the biggest crises this country faces is the lack of funding for their hospitals. Because of this, a vast majority of hospitals there cannot afford to acquire materials such as sanitary needles, bandages, beds, and other materials.”

Another serious issue is the shortage of doctors and nurses. When Egyptians require medical attention, many are left untreated and do not receive the care they need, often leaving in worse condition, according to Sakha.

“We hope to raise awareness about the problems Egypt is facing,” she said. “And through fundraising, raise enough money to send there so hospitals can purchase necessary supplies, and renovate where needed.”

The club is looking toward the future with a potential Night on the Nile event. Attendees will be given the option to dress up as a Pharaoh, God or Goddess, according to Saber.

The event will have a DJ, entertainment based on Egyptian culture and food. “Most importantly, we will have all the funding be sent to help develop more suitable hospitals in low income areas in Egypt,” Saber said.

Upcoming meetings will discuss how to involve more students with the organization and how to provide a place for members to voice their opinions and have an open mind to other beliefs.

The most important part of this organization is inclusion and acceptance.

“I would like for Seton Hall students to know that the Egyptian American Youth Group is open to all American youth, and that you do not have to be only Egyptian to be a part of this organization,” Saber said. “You just have to have compassion for bettering your country and want to become united as a generation. Be open to making an end to this awful division so that our own children do not grow up with a split society.”

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