Professor’s TV experience leads as example

Every row in the auditorium style classroom in the basement of Fahy begins to fill with conversations and students enrolled in the Introduction to Communication Theory course.

Professor Scott Baird Hebert opens up the class with a discussion on leadership, followed by three different TED Talks videos that focus on the topic.

Professor Scott Hebert has been a writer and producer for HBO, MTV, NBC, CBS News and Showtime. Photo courtesy of Scott Hebert.

The videos introduced ideas as Hebert applied those concepts to the real world, providing his opinions on the content and posing questions to the class.

Kimberly Willig, a senior communication major, said she really likes that Hebert shows the class TED Talks.

“Hearing other professionals talk makes me look forward to the class,” Willig said. “His passion for the subject makes me more passionate about the content.”

Hebert has been teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in communications at Seton Hall since 2005. Before a career in academia, Hebert professionally pursued television and writing.

In an email interview, Hebert said after graduating from NYU Film School he immediately became a researcher for NBC’s 50th Anniversary show. “I then worked as a production assistant for various commercial production houses in New York City,” Hebert said. “I was then a writer and producer for HBO from 1979 to 1989.” Hebert later worked as a freelance writer and producer in Manhattan for various networks, including MTV, NBC, CBS News and Showtime.

Scarlet Castro, a senior public relations major, is also enrolled in Hebert’s Introduction to Communication Theory class. Castro explained that she learns better visually and likes the way videos are incorporated into the course material. Castro said that Hebert’s genuine interest in the subject makes class more enjoyable.

Graduating from college is an exciting time but the pressure to find a job can be overwhelming. The concept of building a network is stressed to young professionals but it can be difficult to put that advice into action. Students in Hebert’s class can learn from his experience.

Hebert encourages students to work hard to impress their professors. Hebert said when he was a senior in college his professors recommended him for an NBC researcher position that was never posted to the public. NBC Producers at 30 Rock contacted his professors directly for recommendations.

Jade Latson, a senior public relations major, like her classmates, has enjoyed Professor Hebert’s teaching methods. “He does a great job of merging collegiate academic content and informed life lessons,” Latson said.

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